Q: How does this service work?
A: It works through DNS. Rather than using your internet provider’s DNS server you use ours instead. Our DNS will simply block access to domains that we deemed inappropriate. 

Q: What is DNS?
A: DNS is an internet function. Every internet site is located by a numerical address, similar to a phone number or house address. DNS allows you to type in a name rather than the DNS number, and converts what you type into the numerical address, so that the web browser can locate the page/web site for you. 

Q: Can the service interfere with other software on my machine?
A: No, the entire process is external to your computer. 

Q: Do I have to update this product ? 
A: No, it is maintained for you, but you may participate by emailing any new inappropriate sites you find to us. We are continually seeking new websites that need to be blocked. 

Q: Is this service 100% preventative?
A: No, we can only block sites that we are aware of, and new sites are made everyday. No product blocks everything 100% of the time. If you have pre-adolescent children and/or you need as close to a 100% solution as possible, use text based blocking software, in addition to our product, that can have other advanced filtering features. 

Q: Is the service fast?
A: Yes. It will not cause any delay in your existing internet service, or computing. Every thing will act and react as it had before the service , and in some cases faster. 

Q: Who is the target audience?
A: Anyone connected to the internet.
A: Adults who wish to remove potential virus problems, temptation, or possible embarrassing or legal situations at work or home. 
A: People who cannot install a software content filtering program, because it cannot be installed in platforms such as: X-Box, Play station, other gaming consoles, Linux systems, Internet Phones, PDA’s or any other internet accessing device that cannot normally be filtered. 

Q: What should I do if children are the main concern?
A: Again, use a combination of our service and specialized software. 

Q: Why did my DDNS stop working?
A: In order to track Dynamic IP adresses we implimented our own DDNS server. For maximum device compatibility we capture the two most popular DDNS services DynDNS and NO-IP. 
A: Create an Override in the User Control Panel using the domain members.dyndns.org or dynupdate.no-ip.com .